back to life

Man, Christmas was wonderful and fast and already gone. Over break (specifically after Christmas but before New Year’s, I wonder if that is symbolic of me being too late and already sinful yet there is still hope?) I found some podcast by Village Church (I iTunes podcast searched “theology” and “culture”) on consumerism. It is incredible, and free. Do yourself a favor, download it here (the one on consumerism and materialism) and take an hour to listen to it. Maybe on a drive home, or as a quiet time one morning, or while winding down one night instead of watching T.V. Everyone I know, I repeat, EVERY PERSON I KNOW will benefit from the concepts discussed in that sermon.

By now everyone is back into the swing of the new year and I hope God is blessing you like he is blessing me. Here’s to a 2011 that is better than 2010!