Co-connected viewing (use of Twitter during television)

I’m not running a charity here, except…


A colleague (Alec Tefertiller) and I just had an article published in First Monday, you can check it out here.

We examined over 200,000 tweets about House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtDownton Abbey, and Parks and Recreation. Surprisingly, we found that people tweet @ their friends the exact same percentage of the time, regardless of whether the show is streamed via Netflix on their own time, or broadcast by cable Networks via traditional appointment (once per week).

Ex Machina

Gorgeous and slick, this unnerving sci-fi film has a unique take on a common perspective on AI. Also a fresh take on the Turing Test… by the time a machine can pass it, we might (in the world of cinema at least) be in trouble. Really beautiful to see how a delicate cyborg would “attack” a human differently than a STRONG terminator-type robot might.

Oregon Bach Festival

Summer is here! The weather is hot, spring classes are done, and I get to spend more time on my own research. I’m pretty excited about some experiments this summer and a new media lab we are getting this fall.

Summer also means fun movies (Jurassic World was delightful, but Mad Max was so incredible I almost feel bad for other movies coming out this year), and fabulous professor in our SOJC gave us some tickets to the Oregon Bach Festival. Opening night was a moving performance of Haydn’s Creation. We don’t frequent the symphony but, dare I say, we laughed, we cried, we… got to feel very fancy for a few hours. And it was fun.

Organization makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

whiteboardmaybeThe final week of every term is always a chaotic flurry of activity. A colleague I’ve been working with has a whiteboard at home (for individual project use), but I decided to get one to help me keep track of all ongoing projects. It is incredibly freeing and helps me focus on ONE research item at a time, instead of having the vague cloud of ominous and insurmountable deadlines looming on the horizon. This will help my summer be more productive AND relaxing.

True Detective has amazing dialogue.

We are catching up on Season 1 to prepare for Season 2…. I’ve heard so many good things about this show, and they are all true. The tension, spark, and dialogue between McConaughey and Harrelson (and the beautiful/depressing visuals) keep me very much into this show after just 2 episodes.

Winter Sun

This winter in Oregon has been confusing….frozen nights, then 60’s and sunny during the day.


Heceta Head

On a side note, Black Mirror has adequately blown my mind.


Naked Statistics


Just finished Charles Wheelan’s Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data. I was delighted that a “pop” book was so incredibly informative, especially on what can be dense subject matter. Hooray, I can actually understand and explain a standard deviation now! It doesn’t hurt that Wheelan has a sense of humor.


Interstellar! Man, Nolan never disappoints. I’ve been thinking about this film for the past week after watching it…. and from what I gather in talking to others, it has that effect on lots of people. Reel Spirituality took a wonderful approach in writing a review of it—they did 3. One centered on the concepts of time, gravity, and love. The first one is here. A movie this epic needs to be accessed on different planes, and I’m still mulling over what it has to say about the power of love (especially between daddy and daughter)!