Diverse City

      My job as an MSA (media support associate-we do audio and video for events) means I will sometimes get to experience (albeit behind a camera) interesting events most students do not.  Last night we shot about four hours of discussion hosted by Dr. Mouw (president of Fuller) and Andy Crouch (author of Culture Making).   Participating in the discussion were dozens of pastors and leaders from Latino, African-American, Asian, and Caucasian churches and organizations.  The topics ranged from what God is doing in local congregations to what Fuller seminary should/could be, and any combination thereof.  Two things stuck out to me as I walked home:

    First, what an encouragement to know that we serve the same God as our brothers and sisters in Africa, South America, Asia and the rest of the world.  Our God is bigger than our home church, parents’ house, sunday school classroom, or wherever we first learned about Him.  I think sometimes we have a tendency to think of God in selfish terms-how is God working in MY life?  What is He trying to say to ME?  While those are certainly important concepts to wrestle with for any Christian, it is quite refreshing to be reminded that it is NOT just all about US as individuals.  God is at work all over this fragile earth, our island home!

     Second, I now have an important addition to the old cliche, “Don’t put God in a box.”  My buddies and I would joke around with that phrase as a catch-all in undergrad.  It really is humorous and semi-applicable in all situations.  Go ahead and try it.
 “Can I have a bite of your sandwich?” “Don’t put God in a box.”
 “I have to go to the bathroom.” “Don’t put God in a box, bro.”

     The assumption with this phrase is that we needed to be reminded that God is GOD, and can do anything beyond what our unimaginative minds can fathom.  But last night I heard someone add a great qualifier to that phrase – God works through us in OUR box.  We are not infinite.  We, as Christians in the world, cannot be everything to all people, nor should we.  Though we may look, sound, or act different, we are united in the most beautiful and important way possible-Jesus!  We truly are the body of Christ- I’m a kneecap, you’re a bicep, and we each can accomplish what the other cannot.  God has given all of us a specific skill set and personality that is intended to reach a unique part of creation for His glory.

    Let us go forth knowing we can do things for the kingdom of God that nobody else can!