Fargo (the film)

fargo marge


A friend recommended starting the Fargo television show, so we took it as an excuse to finally watching the Coen brothers’ original 1996 “hit” film.

Those accents!

I can’t tell if we are supposed to admire or pity (probably  a bit of both) the poor, middle-of-nowhere residents who keep going about their mundane lives despite craziness inserting itself into their midst. The favorite part might be Marge talking to the escorts whose jobs and relevant information are delightfully offset by their sing-songy intonation and constant “Ya?!”s that end every sentence. That, or the repeated description of Steve Buscemi as “funny looking” in a nondescript sort of way. The Coen brothers have a talent for creating characters like this: boring yet memorable, mundane yet noticeable. Someone even made a chart about it!