Grace and Law, Sing Along!

Everybody started freaking out about Les Miserables, and I didn’t get it. When Hathaway and Jackman started winning awards for the their performance in it, I didn’t get it. Then I saw the movie.
Now I get it.

I mean, good God, just look at this image…

…and try not to get emotional.
I was never big on musicals (though I’ll never forget the first DVD I ever purchased), but damn, Victor Hugo knew what he was doing. The treatment of Grace is incredible: Javer was a formidable villain, a powerful picture of the attraction and ultimate futility of the Law, and Russell Crowe was not nearly as poor a singer as I was led to believe.
I think everyone on earth can relate, in some degree, to Jean Valjean’s struggle for redemption that lasts a lifetime. Are we ever free from our sketchy past? How many good deeds are required to absolve ourselves? I mean, if I told you this guy could sing like an angel possessed, you would laugh, right?