Gray Days

     Ever since I was a kid my dad has told me to put on a lot of sunscreen.  “You don’t want to have leathery old-man skin at age 30 do you??”  So many years of being in the sun…  Well, I’m 30 now, and I just went to the dermatologist.  I was actually pretty amazed that he only had to cut off one mole from my back, but now I play the waiting game.  In a week I call to find out if I have melanoma. 

      Sometimes the weather matches your mood.  It’s been drizzly here in Pasadena for a few days, so that added a bit more melancholy to my morning, but not enough.  Listening to Iron & Wine while walking home in the rain from the doctor who might tell you that you have cancerous spots, now THAT is melancholy.  I don’t really mind though.  We cant always live on the mountaintop with the Lord.  Sometimes we just have to trust in Him as we shuffle through the valleys.

     On a side note, it’s always humbling to hear “Go into that room and take all your clothes off.”  All I could think of was Jerry Seinfeld’s bit about doctors making you wait on that crunchy deli paper.