His name is Mud

Saw Mud last night.. The poster (and even the trailer, to some extent) are misleading. It is not a tough-guy tale of Matthew McConaughey fighting for the love of his life, Reese Witherspoon. Well, it is, but only sort of. Really, it is a great coming-of-age-type story about a 14-year old boy, his best friend, and their adventures that teach them much about manhood, sex, love, hope, trust, and snakes. Those damn snakes. The two best “reviews” so far, that I have heard, came from my wife and friend right after we left the theater.

Luke: “I feel like it was a really good movie…. but I can’t say exactly why….”

then 10 minutes later, walking home

Vicky: “I was constantly surprised! I never knew what was going to happen next!”

This is an impressive feat for a film that is over 2 hours and really takes its time divulging information. And yes, McConaughey’s shirt does come off, but this is an “indie” film, so they make you wait 110 minutes for it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 snakes