Holly Good

Due to my father-in-law’s awesome job and business relationships, the wifey and I got to go to a mega-swanky fundraiser for Operation Smile this weekend.  It was at the Beverly Hills Hilton, presented awards to various celebrities for their efforts, raised millions of dollars, and was overall a very lovely event.

The whole family was starstruck to varying degrees all night, but at some point it hit me that this was Hollywood using its power/fame/resources for a good cause!  I know whenever an award show is on T.V. I just flip past it and roll my eyes.  Celebrities are just soulless, out-of-touch with reality money-grubbers who lucked out into a profession where they get overpaid to act like someone else, right?  Maybe some of them.  But that night we witnessed evidence that there are those with wealth and power who give back, both with time and treasure, and give generously.  These acts are very rarely publicized.  It is very encouraging to know that even in a place like Los Angeles, where there are so many lost and lonely, God is working in very cool ways.  He is working to bring about His kingdom in ways we will never imagine.