Let’s get it on

Focused and waiting. Focused. And waiting.

Had a nice solo surf today in Huntington. Got to spend some quality time with the Holy Spirit out there and it was great to calm my mind. Usually we roll down with a handful of dudes but I had to pick up the race packet for my first marathon tomorrow. For the past few months while surfing there, I have occasionally turned around to look up and down the coast and just thought… “…soon.” It is fun/challenging/scary/exhilarating to attempt something that you have never done before. The furthest I ran in training was 20 miles. I also have 2 midterms this week- teachers I am unfamiliar with so I have no idea how they will grade, other than many students’ warnings that they are very strict. The day after the race it is my 2 year anniversary. So it has been quite a week of pressure on my heart and head. Two years of wedded bliss! And it is only getting better! Marathon and marriage. One is a grueling test of the pure limits of the human will and fortitude, sure to push the boundaries of endurance and stress until a soul is at its breaking point. The other is a foot race. Bam!