Man of FEEL

Saw Man Of Steel last night. Really enjoyed it. Gritty and re-boot-ish enough but still fun and campy in just the right places. With the exception of the random military woman saying Superman is “kind of hot” near the end of the movie, I was happy with my decision to suspend disbelief and enter its world. The Krypton technology, visual effects, awesome use of sound, etc. everything was great and sucked me right in. Even the story (specifically, the father/son relationships and self-control/fate issues) got me. I was on the verge of tears like 8 times. Despite our pre-movie debate where she claimed to prefer DC comics to Marvel, Vicky was not impressed with Man Of Steel.

I will make her watch the most recent Green Lantern and DareDevil movies until she repents.

1/1 Seinfeld montages set to Superman music