Philosophy: Badass

This weekend we had a Man Night with the boys and went to see “The Grey”. It’s a nihilistic survival/adventure/horror movie that asks some surprisingly existential questions. The lengthy fireside dialogue scenes (used to space out the heart-stopping chases) keep this film more of an art-house B-film than Hollywood blockbuster, but they are also what add so much to the action. Is life really just humanity’s struggle to elude inevitable death (after being dropped randomly and violently on the earth, ooooo that crash sequence) only to find, in the end, that we have been marching inexorably toward annihilation the whole time? I personally don’t think so, but I loved the way this film explores that reality.

For the record, I will gladly pay to see any movie that involves Liam Neeson duct taping a knife in one hand and broken liquor bottles (ala Wolverine) in the other in order to fight a monstrous alpha wolf.