Running Music

This is a photo Vicky shot of me at the LA Marathon, which was just over 3 weeks ago. I am just now getting back into regular runs. I went iPod free for the race, but almost always listen to it when training. I think I wanted to be present in the moment of the race, feed off the energy, etc. Listening to an iPod again for a run felt good, and I was reminded of how powerful music can be to give you energy.

The French duo Justice makes electronic/house/prog/whatever music, and their live albums “A Cross The Universe” is…. good. Moving. Powerful. It makes you feel like a machine. It is what the Terminator would listen to while he killed people, if he had a soul. It could be the soundtrack to the chase scene in your favorite action movie. It is the kind of music machines will make in the future to intimidate the human population they have enslaved. My favorite song of their sounds like the music that would play when Dracula comes for your children:

But yeah, their music trains you to run fast. I didn’t sleep the night before the marathon and did better than I was expecting, 3:11:52, 6:52 minutes off qualifying for the Boston. I don’t think I’ll do a lot better than that, but it still felt good.